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Turning it Around

Why It’s Necessary to Authenticate Your Luxury Watch

If there’s one thing we’ve determined in this day and age, it’s that luxury watches have a solid fan base around the world. With the number of luxury watch owners growing each day, the demand and interest in them has seen a remarkable increase in...

H. Moser et Cie: Beyond the Fume Dials by Fayssal K.

So basically, and in a nutshell, the Moser name goes back to 1800's when Heinrich Moser, an impeccable watchmaker started the company. Moving from Russia to Switzerland and with interrupted existence here and then, the History of Moser is a...

Watches & The World Cup

By Giovanna Caliari

Why Timepiece maintenance is important

By Dr. Marton GergelyUnfortunately, there is no right and wrong answer to the question of when you should service your watch. Generally, there are two schools of thought when it comes to maintenance. So, let’s hypothesize two individuals, buying...

Watch Collecting and Servicing: what it all means.

So you are a watch collector, or at the least you like watches and have a few pieces. They were all bought at different times, places, some from dealers and some pre-owned maybe.

BaselWorld 2018: A "composed" watch offering

So as the dust settles, this Baselworld 2018 was a “composed” one, with less flash and more focus on what “consumers” want, across mostly the mid-tier spectrum, a good thing I say.

The good news is that there were less vintage re-issues...

Omar's 1st Automatic Timepiece.

I still remember the first time I touched a proper watch, a true watch with a heart and not a battery. I was probably 13 or 14 years old. I found a small dusty wooden box which my mom had from her grand father. There were three or four very old...

A Soda and GMT kinda day...

So here we are, day 2 of BaselWorld 2018, for me a much more exciting day, as I get to absorb all the watches being launched, and not the few that stole the show on day 1.

The Elephant is out, and so is the Rolex GMT Pepsi, but that's not all,...

BaselWorld and the excitement to buy the Discontinued Models

Every year, the biggest watch fair bestows us with endless horogical gifts and new watches and models, and hits us with the sad news of discontinuing models, some very much loved.

Online watch buying: Where to find the authentic "talking pieces".


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